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The renovation saw minimal wastage of material, instead was put back into the buildings as more rooms and hallways very excavated. All the woodwork including furniture, and carved stone work is recycled. Local masons and carpenters were found to be more adept in working with old styles and techniques then the highly technical city workers.

In an area of low rainfall and abundant sunshine, the entire property conserves every drop of rain which is diverted into a covered tank. The water is then used for the garden and the stables. Solar panels cleverly hidden from view heat up the water for the bathrooms, LED and CFL lights in public areas have saved us about thirty five percent of energy needs.

All gray water is recycled through soak pits and then used for the garden.

All the staff here are locals and their employment here has helped them decide to stay on right at home rather than follow the crowds of job seekers to the cities. The entire staff is from the town and its neighboring country. They are all trained in various fields of the hotel and are constantly transferred so as to keep the job interesting.

We source all our food locally to support the community.