About Us

We humbly welcome you to our home; Rawla Jojawar is created after lovingly renovating the old fort which has always been home to a stunningly beautiful boutique hotel. Here generations of our family have lived since 1780, where the patriarch Thakur or Chief in their position as garrison commanders of this border town of Marwar with Mewar – both ancient kingdoms and often bitter enemies, once guarded the volatile border and collected custom dues on the trade.
We Nagendra and Amit Vikram brothers and descendants of the illustrious Thakur Shyam Singh ji of Sonegra Chouhan clan who in the year 1808 had lead the Chouhan Contingent of the Jodhpur forces to successfully repeal an attack on the Meharangarh fort during the war with the combined forces of Jaipur and Bikaner. After attaining martyrdom right at the gates of the great fort in the battle, Maharaja of Jodhpur, Man Singh ji doubled the land grant of Jojawar fief as a gallantry award, to the brave leader’s sons. Titles and other benefits followed and the family and the small economy of the then village Jojawar boomed, making it a sizable town of the County. His memorial was built where he feel in battle right outside the Fort and can still be visited today.

Our Rawla – literally meaning the abode of the local chieftain, is a small fort in the middle of the very scenic town of Jojawar . We opened as a hotel in the year 2001which our family owns and operates. It’s our labour of love, and lots of different people besides our family have come together to make Jojawar a destination and not merely a place to stay. Inspired by our father Rao sahib Maharaj Singh ji our endeavor is to connect more and more people and communities living in the country around Jojawar, in isolated homesteads and hamlets and are living a dying lifestyle and practicing old professions like sheep and camel herding, but with a culture so varied and colourful that it would have been a pity to see them change. We have been successful to a great degree to encourage them to continue to live on there and carry on their ancient ways by sharing the profits of one of our major attractions – Jeep and Horse rides into the country.

The base of operations – the Rawla is a special place where you are but our family guest, where serenity and relaxation is abundant. Life here is unhurried, and filled with sunshine, conversation and picnics, village walks transform into safaris, or treks into the nearby forests. At home suspicious meals served under the brightly lit canopy of stars, accompanied by music and dance, and talks of old ways and days take you back in time.